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Friday, January 26, 2007

The Blessed Event is Near!

Hey, I’m going to be an Uncle. (I can’t be a Papa, I lost my doghood when I was very young). But… Cinnamon and Sir Buddy have combined their efforts and she is with puppy, as they say in the Bible.

It is hard to tell when, but sometime between February 2nd & Valentine’s Day, the blessed event will occur.

Mama is simply gahgah, agog, you know what I mean. She has made Cinna a birthing closet and has read everything she could on the internet. Heck, she even helped them when they were doing It, you know the thing necessary for all of this. She held them while they were together, screaming. Cinna is staying with us during this time, so Mama can take care of her. Oh, she’s is so pampered, and of course I am so jealous.

Papa simply shakes his head. He loves us, but at least for a time, there will be a few more mouths to feed. Of course Cinna will take care of that in the beginning. She’s already eating for 4 or more.

Papa feels there are 3 puppies, Mama’s hoping for more. We’ll see who’s right. Check back in a couple weeks and find out.



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