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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tricky Papa

My Papa likes to play tricks on me. The worst part is I always fall for them.
This evening he did it again.

I was spending quality time under the bed, one of my Dorfin Dens of Solitude, when I heard him crying in the other room. I immediately crawled out and ran to his chair. He was indeed crying. He dropped the foot rest and I jumped up and started licking his face.

"Poor Papa", I thought, "poor, poor Papa". I licked his face, and then his ears, all of the time worried to death.

He reached up and rubbed his hands over my fur very affectionately. I was so happy and pleased with myself, then called up to Mama and told her how I always came to them even when they aren’t pretending.

Pretending! I worried myself sick and… oh well, I simply went back to my Den of Solitude and closed my eyes.

Papa is good to me. I’ll forgive this time… and probably many more. That’s just my way.



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