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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just a Walk in the Park.

I like to go for walks, especially with Mama. The other day she took me for a long tour of the Cylburn Arboretum in Baltimore. We had a great time.

I ran around and met a lot of people and a few other dogs. After a while I got tired so Mama picked me up and put me in this new carrier. It hangs in front of her, like Mamas have for human babies.

It was cool. I could feel her warmth and her heart beat. I was satisfied and happy. Then it happened. I saw another dog my size running along side his Mama coming in our direction. All of a sudden I thought, “Oh Crap, he will think I’m a real baby.”

I looked up at Mama and pleaded with her to put me down. She understood and sat me on the ground. I ran over sniffed him hello, gave him a lick, and wished him well. As soon as he furry little butt turned the corner, I went back to Mama and motioned for her to pick me up and put me back in the carrier.

Ah… isn’t a dog’s life wonderful, and isn’t Mama wonderful.



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