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Thursday, February 23, 2006


My second favorite thing to do in the world is eating. Sure I like the stuff that comes in those little packages. I won’t mention the company’s name unless they want to pay me for product placement (LOL). Seriously it’s good chow, but nothing compares to Mama’s cooking.

When she hits the kitchen, the smells are enough to make you shiver. I sit on the floor and watch her scurry around, hoping she’ll drop something, or reach down and give me a bite.

Today she made these little yummy ribs. Papa just loved them too, and he slipped me a little under the table. That was nice, but Mama had a whole little bowl of meat just for me; it was great.

She knows the way to a pooch’s heart is through his tummy. She’s smart that way. I think she gets to Papa’s heart that way too. We are both so lucky to have her.

I’m full, gotta get some sleep. That is my favorite thing to do.




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