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This is just one dog's look at life, love, and the occasional roll in cat poop. Though there are millions of stories out there, this is a tail from the point of view of a 6lb. Pomeranian. My name is Woodie the Dorfin and welcome to my world. PS. For those of you unfamiliar with blogs, the earliest is at the bottom, and the very first items are in the archives. It is a good idea to start there on the first visit. Also, fill free to comment or ask questions. I will bark... write back.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

POV #2

I have an observation to make. It is so true, ask any of my canine friends. Humans are too uptight. They yell at each other, get so upset they throw up, and that is just my neighbors and family. God forbid you look at the television, because all they do is shoot each other or something worse.

That’s where I, Doctor Dog, step in. Mama & Papa say that I calm their nerves. Studies show that just holding a pet, it should be a dog, cats don’t count in my book, will lower your blood pressure and smooth things out.

Why do you think I walk around with my head held high?

I have to go now and bite Papa’s toes and lick Mama’s nose. See I’m a poet too.



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