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This is just one dog's look at life, love, and the occasional roll in cat poop. Though there are millions of stories out there, this is a tail from the point of view of a 6lb. Pomeranian. My name is Woodie the Dorfin and welcome to my world. PS. For those of you unfamiliar with blogs, the earliest is at the bottom, and the very first items are in the archives. It is a good idea to start there on the first visit. Also, fill free to comment or ask questions. I will bark... write back.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Little Joke

I have a little bow-wow humor for you.

"What did the little dog say when he slide his back end across some sandpaper?"

Give up?

"Ruff!!!" Get it. "Ruff". It's a play on...

Oh forget it, I'm going to the litter box and see if there's some candy with sprinkles. I can't believe I waste my time on humans. Sometimes they are worse than cats. Dad blast it.....




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