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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Another Snow Day

I love snow! Oh, I told you that already.

This morning my Papa let me go out in the snow by myself, no leash. Dumb! Ok, It was above my head and he thought I couldn’t go anywhere, but don’t sell a little dog short. I heard my neighbor and his dog, my girlfriend! I ran out from the house and there they were. Oh my, I had to see her. So I ran fast. Well, I sort of hopped. I don’t think my paws ever touched the ground, the snow was so deep. I made it in what I know was record time.

Of course, her Papa scooped me up and started toward my house. Then I saw it, him. My Papa had been running after me and shouting, though I was too excited to hear him.

God was I embarrassed. He didn’t take time to put any clothes on. He was in a t-shirt and shorts and was in his bare feet. I was handed over and I dropped my head.

Her Papa asked about his bare feet and he said no problem. I guess that is because my Mama says walking snow is good for your circulation. Russian medical logic I think. I know she takes snow baths before she gets into the hot tub. Go figure.

Papa and I went back to bed to warm up.




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