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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Weekend Away

Last weekend we went to Grammy and Pup's. They are Papa's parents. Of course I'm not allowed to call them by those names. They don't consider me their grandson. Can you believe that? They can't be related to Papa, because they don't kiss me the way he does.

A visit to them is a big event. The world's longest card game. This time it lasted 4 days.

We play a game called 500. It is NOT 500 Rummy. You actually bid like in bridge. I'm told it was the most popular game until the 1930's when Poker became the big one.

Ok, you might ask, why do I know all this, because I am the best card player around. Those dogs in that stupid velvet painting have nothing on me. Believe me!

Hey, I'm not kidding. Look at my picture. Now that is a poker face.



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