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Monday, March 20, 2006

The Hot Tub

I love the hot tub.Usually I'm the lifeguard and watchdog. Mama & Papa get in the water and I watch out that they don't drown. I also keep an eye and ear alert for danger such as cats, dogs, & skunks. I serve a very useful function.

Last night when Papa went in to take a shower Mama thanked me by rubbing my ears. Like a Ferengi on Star trek, I felt a tingle go all through my body. I quivered and shook... Oh, oh, I'm getting too personal.

I usually don't get into the water because it takes Mama so long to wash me and dry me... and that hair dryer, ugh! But when it's time for a bath we go to the hot tub first. It is great. I love the water, but I DO NOT like the bubbles.

This is making me sleepy. Time for bed.



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