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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Work Day

Mama hurt her back yesterday, but she still is helping me with this entry. She's such a good Mama. Papa is in L.A., wherever that is.

Mama worked too hard yesterday cleaning, but she just wouldn’t listen me. I tried to tell her to take a rest or a nap, or both, like I do, but telling a Russian anything is next to impossible. It was if she couldn’t understand my barks. Go figure.

She took me everywhere with her as she ran her errands. When the day was over I was tired. If I was spent just from watching her and riding with her, you can imagine what she felt like.

She handed me the phone when Papa called and he sang to me. I had to act like I was excited for her, so she could tell him. Truth be told, I was kind of thrilled to hear his voice.

“Yawn!” Guess I will go a take a nap.



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  • At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Woodie, Nice blog. You have such a nice mommy. Mine wont take me anywhere, except the vet. She does let me out in the yard sometimes. But she stays with me to watch out for the stray kittys that often come in our yard.
    One day, you'll have to get your mommy to post a pic of Pepe. I'd like to meet him.
    have a good day,


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